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Penmia is an online notebook that allows you to capture and share anything on a private, secure network! Categorize your memories with tabs and assign tags for easy organization– or upload pictures and links to external sites for easy reference to information already available online. Believe it or not, all of this is free! The best things in life are free: sunny afternoons, four leaf clovers and even double rainbows.

Security and privacy are at the front and center of Penmia. Your journal is protected by our encryption-- bank-level security! Unlike a blog (where posts are public), or a paper journal (which is susceptible to snooping eyes) with Penmia, your entries are totally private (unless you choose to enable sharing). View our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use!

It’s your journal, so you control how to organize it! Unlike a paper-journal or blog, you can organize your Penmia entries by separate “tabs.” It’s like having multiple journals in one! Create a tab to capture all of your vacation memories, track your thoughts on movies in another and record ideas in a third! You can create, customize and manage unlimited tabs, making your online journaling experience easy, fun and fulfilling!

Attach photos to your Penmia posts! Capturing summer memories with your friends? Attach a picture so you always remember the fun in the sun. Just click the "Upload Photo" icon above your entry and upload an image from your computer.

Penmia’s sharing feature lets you share posts with friends and family by inviting them to view your individual tabs! You can share detailed memories of vacations, book lists, etc. with those who matter most. You have complete control over who can view these and can add or remove people as you wish. Your privacy is extremely important to us. Your entries will never be shown to anyone else unless you personally share them.

You’re busy and always on the go! Penmia’s mobile application is designed to enable you to capture and read your memories on the go. You can access Penmia’s mobile application on iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android devices! Simply visit Penmia on your mobile browser, log in, and begin posting and reading your memories! Your entries are protected with the same security measures on mobile device as they are on computers—bank level security!

Quickly and easily find the exact memories and posts in your Penmia journal that you are looking for!
Just type what you are looking for in the search bar, located above the post section of your Penmia screen.

Personalize your Penmia journal exactly how you want! Whether you post a lot or a little, you can use colors and our post editing options to mix and match according to your needs and make each tab customized specifically to the memories you are capturing!

Penmia is integrated with Twitter and Facebook! You can connect your Penmia journal with your favorite social media sites to create an enjoyable and convenient journaling experience! If you’d like, you can even share individual posts with Twitter followers or Facebook friends with the check of a box! We will never automatically post to your Facebook wall or Twitter account; you are always in complete control of what you share.

They are your personal memories, thoughts, and ideas – you can do whatever you like with them! It’s simple to export your posts to easy-to-use Excel sheets. Exporting your individual tabs will allow you to download, print, and do whatever you’d like with your posts! You never have to worry about losing any entries.